Established in 2006

PediBanner is one of the pioneers in the field of advertising banners in Iran

pedram ansari founder of pedibanner

PediBanner was founded by Pedram Ansari in 2006 , aiming to design online flash banners for the first time in Iran. At the beginning, due to a lack of familiarity customers had with online banners and their applications, PediBanner started creating free samples for companies and businesses

After a short while, online banners established themselves as an invaluable part of the online marketing sector and the number of companies who were active in creating advertising banners in Iran grew exponentially

After years of active participation in the advertisement sector and gaining the trust of many major brands and companies, we decided to expand into different sections of advertisement and provide excellent service to our customers. The aforementioned sections include designing online banners for social networking websites, as well as designing and creating motion graphics, stop motions, characters, logos, sports advertising , and commercial and industrial photography

LED perimeter advertisements design in 2010

PediBanner began designing advertising teasers for pitch-side LEDs in numerous prestigious sporting events and leagues in Iran

پدرام انصاری
Sports Advertising

At first, the working procedure consisted of solely delivering the designed teasers to the operators of the event. However, this expanded to presence on the field to supervise the teasers in action. This has led to a continuous partnership with sporting companies and federations in Iran

Some of the projects undertaken by PediBanner in sport events include :

Iranian Soccer Premier League  2010 , 2011 , 2012 , 2013 , 2017 , 2018 , 2019
Asian Men’s Volleyball Cup  2011 – Tehran
FIVB Volleyball World League  2016 , 2017 – Tehran
Iranian Volleyball Premier League  2011, 2012
Iranian Basketball Premier League  2011 , 2012
Iran’s soccer national team’s friendly games
FIBA Basketball World Cup Qualifiers  2018 – Tehran
FIVB Volleyball Nations League  2019  Urmia and ardabil , Iran

Designing Motion Graphics video in 2014

With motion graphics, we can combine diverse multimedia resources such as photos, videos, illustrations and animation elements to convey a powerful message

موشن گرافیک

With the widespread use of smart phones and social networking services, content production in areas such as commercial, educational, and  motion graphics has become a focal point in PediBanner’s activities

Since motion graphic is in video format, it is readily supported in every social networking and messaging services. Motion graphic is an indispensable tool for business owners and manufacturers, by which they can promote their goods and services

Motion Graphics can increase the impact of visual content in client communications. Not only does motion graphics make information more visually appealing, it’s also a great way to showcase client  brand’s key messages, ideas, and raise awareness of client product or service to a wider audience

Digital Marketing in 2017

We create smarter brands that connect with people to grow better businesses

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

Digital marketing covers a broad range of tactics. We can help you define your marketing strategy and choose the right tactics for your business

review your competitors and see how to put you ahead
create target audience personas
see how customers are behaving with user journey analysis
consider how to position your business or product – what makes you stand out?
design an approach with you.

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